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    After working 19 years in the Real Estate profession my husband retired and I wanted to take time away from working, keep my license that I worked so hard to get, without paying all the dues that are associated with having an active license.  I decided to transfer my license to Referral 21  Real Estate, LLC.  No need to be a member of a board  or WFRMLS (saving me $,$$$'s of dollars!).     Which is very important to me. 

   Now, I let other agent's do the work and I get referral the fees.  I've gotta

say, it's always fun to get

that call from the office......

                "Hey Joan



              Joan Woodruff 

Let Your Real Estate License Work For You

How often do you still run into folks looking to buy or sell real estate.


Maybe your relatives mention they want a new townhouse. Your neighbor, over the fence, says she is thinking of selling. Your coworker’s son is ready to buy a first home. And, you want to buy a lot to build upon.


You can earn referral fees on each of these transactions!


For instance, assume you are talking to a friend who mentions that he or she is thinking of buying a home. You let themknow you can connect them with a great agent! All you have to do is get their permission and gather some basic information.


You contact us and we place your friend with the right agent (locally or around the world).




 I'd love to tell you more about how Referral 21 can help you earn money while you let others do the hard work. 





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*  Referral Lead has to close by December 31st, 2014